Health and safety

Hadlow-to-Harbour L6605 

Health and safety

Entry at your own risk

The Rotary Club of Timaru North has for many years taken all care and diligence to make this event as safe and enjoyable as possible but takes no responsibility for the actions of entrants or third parties. By entering, you accept entry is at your own risk and you agree to read, make yourself familiar with, and abide by the following simple requirements.

Health and Wellbeing

It's your responsibility to monitor your health and well-being, including advice about any medication you are taking. Please don't take risks!

St John Ambulance will be in attendance - Dial 111 for help.

Participating on the Road

It is in everyone's interest that the event is safe.

Participants do not have any special right of way.

All roads are open to traffic during the event.

All participants will observe all current existing road traffic rules and obey any instruction given by the Police.

Use the left hand footpath or grass verge, not the road.

Where an intersection is controlled by traffic lights, strict observance of lights must be met.

When crossing at any other intersection or a side road, pedestrians crossing rules must be observed.

This is a fun event, not a race - take care and enjoy yourself.

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