Photo overview - 2015


2015 H2H photo highlights

Photography by Geoff Cloake

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Hadlow to Harbour Z1499

Grantlea Downs dominated the startling line with some great energy and enthuiasm.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1554

Rotarian volunteer Coliun Shore, dishes out water at the first refreshment point.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1574

Runners arriving at another watering point.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1648

A young wee runner.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1680

SCDHB is the major H2H sponsor and encourages their staff to particiapte in large numbers.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1685

Water also going down on the outside.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1643

The distance may sound like just a couple of rounds of golf for these guys, until you appreciate they were running with all that gear. Peter Burton (left) and George Logan received Trustpower prize vouchers for their most entertaining effort.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1700

Great day out for the families. 

Hadlow to Harbour Z1708

A running family crossing Stafford Street.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1725

Roncali guys reaching the finishing chute provided by sponsor Sport South Canterbury.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1799

A couple of the pets out for a nice long morning walk.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1794

What gusto from these ladies at the finishing line?  Aroha Stewart (left) and Jill White (right)

Hadlow to Harbour Z1765

Checking for their lucky wristband numbers, in the hope of winning one of the many spot prizes.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1807

Grantlea Downs school students sporting their colours at the prize giving.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1839

MP Jo Goodhew supporting the H2H, presenting MovieMax ticket prize to these youngsters for being 'tutu cute'.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1851

Best outfits for secondary school went to Roncalli rugby club who ran in their rugby uniform, receiving here, $100 worth of SCDHB sports vouchers from Syn Hogan.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1861

Lee King from Sport Canterbury awarding a $100 Dynamic Sports voucher to Grantlea Downs for having purchased tickets bulk online. Timaru South was also awarded this prize.

Hadlow to Harbour Z1878

Timaru South School receiving the school award for having the biggest representation of their school roll purchase tickets online. What a fantastic effort – 23%!

SCDHB prizes

SCDHB-logo-130pxThe South Canterbury District Health Board has for a number of years been the principal sponsor of the Hadlow to Harbour fun walk, jog, run event. In supporting this Rotary event, the SCDHB Board and senior management see physical activity both reducing the risk of a range of health conditions for the population of South Canterbury and also helping those with health conditions to manage them.

As this is a recreational event for the serious runner to families just out for an active morning it caters for a diverse range of the South Canterbury population. The SCDHB wishes to promote that even small increases in physical activity can produce measurable health benefits and with an age range of participants from 4 year olds to 80 year olds it’s never too early or late to start. 

The 2014 SCDHB prize winners

The South Canterbury District Health Board prizes are group prizes for children/youths from ECEs, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools to encourage participation and friendship.

Hadlow to Harbour X6901

Judges picked this 'Wackiest Dressed Primary Group' of animals from Highfield School for a SCDHB prize.

Hadlow to Harbour X6900

Some of the 30 Grantlea Downs pupils awarded the 'On the Way' spot prize'. 

Hadlow to Harbour X6904

St. Josephs Timaru also had a large team taking part winning another SCDHB prize.

Hadlow to Harbour X6934

These Pleasant Point Pippins pulled off the SCDHB's  'Best Linked Team' prize. Amazing! They walked the 3km from Countdown as a team linked together

Fastest time

Hadlow to Harbour X2258
Well done James Faulkner...  first out and to cross the finish line in 38.27 minutes.

Sport Canterbury prizes

Hadlow to Harbour X6896

Lee King from Sport Canterbury presents $250 voucher for Sports Equipment from Dynamic Sport to Roncalli Rugby Club representative. Congratulations to the Roncalli Rugby club, who walked or ran in their rugby jersey to build on their preseason fitness as well as to support H2h.

Hadlow to Harbour X2272

Well done to Timaru Boys High who had a high number of participants and won the Sport South Canterbury school voucher prize for $250 worth of Sports Equipment from Dynamic Sport.  It was great to see so many boys in their sports uniform running together.

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