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New Programme

Sport Canterbury has designed a new training programmes for you to ease into and gradually build your fitness so you can enjoy the 10km or 3km leg of the Hadlow to Harbour Fun Run/Walk at your own pace.

Print it out and put it on your workdesk, fridge or whatever. Perhaps enter each day's exercise into your diary.  If you get behind, pick up from where you left off.

It helps to remain active on your rest days too. Consider walking or cycling to work, swimming, or engaging in other recreational activities or sports and always take the stairs. 

You may choose to mix up walking and running options. Check out our local walkways or parks to add interest and give your legs a break from the hard footpaths. Remember that easy stretches help take any stiffness or tiredness from your leg muscles.

The programme tapers off so you will feel freash and ready and on the big day, start off slowly and build up into a relaxed rhythm. Then pat yourself on your back for your success. 


Click below to download Sport Canterbury training programmes:

10km run jog walk

3km run jog walk

Please note these programmes and accompanying information are written as a guide only. If you are concerned about your health at any stage please undergo a health check with your GP.


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